August 30, 2015 | Posted in:Carter's Comments


Pastor Carter Corbrey

Have Christians lost the culture war? On the surface this appears to be the case.

However, when Christians lose, everyone loses. Except that is, the Christian.

At the very worst, we may lose our lives; but we are only here briefly anyway. We have an eternal perspective. On the one hand, we are waiting for the return of Christ who could come for His church at any moment. On the other hand, if we were to die today, we would go immediately into His presence where we will spend eternity. Good options either way, although the Rapture is obviously preferable.

Perhaps Christians have failed to be the salt and light we were commanded to be in our respective societies. Our greatest personal losses would be in the people we fail to bring to Christ, yet we also trust in God’s sovereignty in reaching them through someone else.

When we reach out, we grieve over those who think we are narrow-minded, when in reality we are simply trying to honestly present and preserve an accurate message of what God has said to humanity through the Bible. We are willing to suffer rather than compromise that message. Jesus died for the sins of the world, which includes every one of us. If we change God’s definition of sin in order to make people feel falsely comfortable, then we fail to warn them that God is a holy God who must by His nature punish ALL sin. It is not just specific sins that have separated us from a holy God. It is mankind’s fallen nature that produces individual acts of sin. It is that nature that separates us from God. God’s forgiveness came through Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, and is available to all who believe.

Have we lost the culture war? Not to make excuses, but the world rejected Noah’s message before the flood. And we are living in the last days before the return of Christ. We can beat ourselves up over our failures, but we need to remember that most of the world never listens to God or His messengers.

The supposed winners of the culture war are actually the losers.

The sexual revolution has transformed the world by making temporary pleasures and freedoms acceptable. Yet the clear teachings of the Bible are not changed by redefining marriage, or by the creation of a nation of voyeurs by the entertainment industry, or by abandoning marriage in favor of cohabitation. The Bible defines every sexual encounter outside of marriage as sin. This is not changed by public attitudes, or by the entertainment industry, or by common practice, or by the Supreme Court redefining marriage.

Life on earth is short. Victory celebrations end. Balloons deflate. Skin ages and wrinkles. Bodies die. Today’s artificial victories are in reality defeats when the victors face the God of the universe to discover they have rejected the only hope they have of true life and happiness. Failure is eternal when the true definition of love – God’s love – is missed. Eternity never gets old, and God does not change.


Carter has been the pastor at FSBC Versailles since July, 2000. He holds a Doctor of Theology in Advanced Prophetics from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Theology in Semitics and Old Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has also been an assignment writer for Union Gospel Press since 1987.