Octobers Divided by Decades

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The unthinkable had become reality. The threat to American security from a European dictator melted into mere fantasy in light of the real invasion. The invaders had arrived violently on American soil and they were unlike anything we had even imagined. They attacked at night, when we were the most vulnerable. And the first place targeted was not the capital, nor the major cities, but a small town that seemed the most improbable and least likely of targets. No place in America was safe, and the people whose role was to defend America appeared helpless. . The only protection was for people to flee for their lives. At one location gunfire could be heard from shotguns aimed at an invader’s war machine. Horrible and murderous creatures from Mars had come to claim America.

It was October 30, 1938. It was the War of the Worlds.

H.G. Well’s science fiction classic had met the creative genius of Orson Welles and his Mercury Theater radio team to become the terrifying reality of a Martian invasion to those listeners who missed the warning that the broadcast was merely a theatrical production.

Historians and researchers differ in their conclusions about what really happened that night, except for the one fact all agree upon: there was no actual attack from Mars. One thing is certain, however: the War of the Worlds broadcast that focused on the Martian invasion of Grover Mills, New Jersey on the evening of October 30, 1938 has become an American legend.

In the “real world” of 1938, storm clouds of war were on the horizon as Adolf Hitler gained power in Germany. America was emerging from its economic turmoil of the Great Depression. Bible prophecy scholars wondered about the Bible’s prophecies that promised the reappearance of the nation of Israel in the end times.

And here we are decades later. The world again faces the genuine threat of war and dictators make terrifying threats. The world is struggling economically after a near miss with a massive depression, and several experts warn that the danger is not over. The media pumps out its fictional end-of- the- world warnings about manmade global climate change, and people panic over what we need to do.

And Israel has returned to its place as a nation, occupying the same land God gave the Jews long ago.

So, where should I place my trust for accurate information about the world, and about the future? The Bible is always right. God is in control. I think He is my only option.


Hindu Nationalists in India Demand Anti-Conversion Law

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From the Times of Indian:

RANCHI: After a large number of tribals reportedly converted to Christianity in Jharkhand’s Gumla district, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has sought an anti-conversion law in the state.

“Anti conversion law should be formulated in Jharkhand. Christian missionaries are silently working on their agenda, converting tribals,” VHP leader Pramod Mishra told IANS.

“In the last 15 days, over 300 people belonging to Asur, one of the nine primitive tribes, have been converted to Christianity,” he added.


SBC president suggests a single mission board

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Ronnie Floyd said at a recent gathering of Southern Baptist Convention leaders it may be time to consider merging the International and North American mission boards into a single “Global Mission Board” overseeing the entire SBC mission enterprise.

Read about it here.


Ethiopian village church attacked

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unnamedA church in a village 130km west of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, has been attacked three times recently by suspected animists angered over their evangelism efforts.

On 30 August, a mob killed one Christian and injured around 30 others during the Sunday service. Two days later, a day after the murdered Christian’s funeral, a group of men strangled a female member of the congregation and left her for dead. Then, on 27 Sep., church members were again attacked as they returned home after church.

First attack

Witnesses said the Sunday morning service was in progress when a woman started screaming outside the church. When the Christians rushed outside to investigate, they discovered a group of men attacking Alem, a member of the church in her forties.

The scene quickly escalated into chaos as the attackers started assaulting other church members. They beat men, women and children with their fists and with sticks. They also broke chairs, windows and doors.

One of the founding members of the church, 55-year-old Godana, was dragged into the church and attacked with machetes. He died from his wounds, leaving behind a wife, Beza, and eight children.

Around 30 others were injured, although none seriously.

It took more than an hour for the police to arrive, by which time the group of about 10 attackers had left. The local Christians said the attack was premeditated because the attackers tried to identify people from a list, which included the names of the pastor and two evangelists. However, the pastor did not identify himself, while the two others were not there that day.

“Some of our friends from the village were telling us to take care as rumours about secret plans to attack us were spreading. But, we didn’t take it seriously. It is common for people to throw stones at us, but we didn’t think the hardest was still on the way,” said one of the church leaders.

Second attack

On the morning of 1 Sep., a day after Godana’s funeral, a group of men attacked a female evangelist in the congregation, identified as Dinke.

At 5am, a group of unknown men knocked on her door. Everyone else at the compound was asleep, but because she did not suspect any danger, she opened the door without hesitation.

The men grabbed her by the neck and prevented her from calling out for help. They dragged her to a nearby clearing and strangled her. It seems that the attackers thought Dinke was dead when she lost consciousness, so they tied her to a tree and left, but her brother found her and took her to hospital, where she is still recovering.

Dinke has been deeply traumatised by the event.

“I don’t think I could ever think of returning to the village,” she told visitors.

Third attack

Although church services were suspended for a few weeks, Christians resumed services on 27 Sept. At the end of the service, church members were again attacked with machetes and sticks as they returned home, but some of the church’s youths managed to fight off the attackers.

Meanwhile, the family and friends of Godana are struggling to come to terms with their loss.

His widow, Beza, told visitors she does not know how she will be able to provide for her large family.

“I suffer from pneumonia and have been receiving treatments for many years. Godana was responsible for everything in the house. I don’t know what I will do,” she said.

Godana’s eldest son added: “My father was a hard-working farmer. Even though I am an adult and am working to earn my own living, my father has always helped me in the areas where I still struggled.”

The village of Guder is situated in Oromia state. Although the Orthodox Church dominates the area, the past few years have seen an increase in Ethiopians returning to the traditional Wakefeta religion, after the government started encouraging Ethiopians to return to their cultural roots. The Guder church’s successful evangelism efforts in this region have previously invited insults and threats against its members.

©2015 World Watch Monitor reports the story of Christians worldwide under pressure for their faith.


What happened to the time?

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Where did the time go???

Several days ago fall officially began. What happened to summer? I wasn’t ready for summer yet – and now it’s gone.

Then, a few days ago October arrived. I love October, but what happened to September? I needed a few more days before September left for good. In just about three months we will welcome 2016. W-A-I-T!!! 2015 is almost gone? I still have things to do.

Aaach!!! With January I will turn 65 years old! I know this because of all of the phone calls and letters I am receiving from insurance companies.

What happened here? I didn’t send out any announcements. I still enjoy watching the same corny science fiction movies that I watched when I was 10!!! OK. Today I know they are corny; but when I was 10 they were cool. I still enjoy them!

When I was a boy, Christmas never arrived. We waited, and waited and waited and finally, FINALLY, it was here. Time passed SO SLOWLY. Now, it seems like December 31st arrives the day after January 1st. What! Christmas was LAST WEEK!!! But I just celebrated the 4th of July!!!!!

Children who were born not long ago are suddenly graduating from high school. Granddaughters are getting married. And just as suddenly, we realize that we are the patriarchs and matriarchs of our family. We are the generation that will soon pass from the scene and take up our places in the memory of the living. But wasn’t it just yesterday when Dad and Mom were driving us to Grandma’s house for the holidays?

You need another cup of coffee, don’t you? Maybe a nice, freshly baked cookie would help. Coffee and cookies can comfort us and stir some nice memories, but they won’t stop the rapid passing of time.

What is my point in focusing your attention on this depressing thought?

Simply the fact that God warned us through the words of Solomon in Ecclesiastes that we need to establish a saving relationship with the Lord before it is too late.

That is the basic message of Ecclesiastes 12:6-8.

Ecclesiastes 12:6–8 (NKJV)
6 Remember your Creator before the silver cord is loosed, Or the golden bowl is broken, Or the pitcher shattered at the fountain, Or the wheel broken at the well.
7 Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, And the spirit will return to God who gave it.
8 “Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher, “All is vanity.”

Life on earth is only temporary. Even the most important things about our lives will disappear, replaced by eternity. Death and the grave simply signal that we will have run out of time to make important decisions. We will have no more opportunities to prepare for a future that will never end. If we don’t get it right now, we won’t have another opportunity. God has explained very clearly in His Word, the Bible, what lies ahead for all of us, whether we accept it or not. Hell is very real for those who don’t prepare. But so is a glorious future that is beyond description for those who have listened and responded to God’s love and call to salvation. With time zipping by so rapidly, it is dangerous to put off placing our trust and faith in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross in order to secure our salvation. Today is the day to face the truth about life and eternity.

Unfortunately, so many of us don’t realize this in time.