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It is the common theme that demands an audience.
It is the source of tears and admiration.
It is the heartbreaking inspiration for dreams and the cause of longing stares into the blackness of night skies by lonely adolescents.
It is the theme that finds new adherents from one generation to the next.
It is found in the forbidden love of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and the musical refrains of West Side Story.
It is the forbidden bond that crosses railroad tracks, betrays family lines, ignores national boundaries, and defies social barriers.
Love ignores the obvious dangers and moves beyond the contradictions that should limit its blossoming.
Love that reaches the greatest heights is equally tragic when the “star-crossed” lovers die when their plans go wrong, as Juliet’s apparent death is misunderstood by Romeo, who takes his own life in despair, followed soon by Juliet’s actual sacrifice.
Death that is inspired by love is especially sad when the person for whom the life was given fails to understand its purpose and significance until it is too late.
True love that ends in death is tragic beyond words.
Juliet was revived from her apparent death only to discover her plan was futile.
However, there is One unique person who died motivated by love for an undeserving people.
He gave His own life in order to rescue a people who did not know they needed rescuing.
He suffered the agonies of the most severe of tortures in order to spare those to whom the suffering was due.
The greatest story of love is the true story of God, the Creator, whose creation rebelled against Him and thus fell in sin. It is the story of the human race which did not deserve God’s mercy, yet received it by means of the sacrificial death of Christ, because God loves people. What makes this true story especially amazing is that God was not responding to humanity’s love for Him. It began with His love for us. .

We love Him because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19 (NKJV)


Carter has been the pastor at FSBC Versailles since July, 2000. He holds a Doctor of Theology in Advanced Prophetics from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Theology in Semitics and Old Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has also been an assignment writer for Union Gospel Press since 1987.